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Magic Muffin Bakery

Children with muffins

Children with muffins

Imbali installed and equipped a hi-nutrition muffin bakery in four rooms previously used for storage in the Kylemore High School. The bakery creates two adult jobs, and is currently baking approximately 3000 muffins daily. Full production in this little bakery could reach 6000 muffins daily.

Currently 750 hi-nutrition muffins are provided free of charge every day to the most needy children in Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche, the P.C. Petersen Primary School in Kylemore as well as the Mamalumka Project and a small soup kitchen in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in Somerset West. Other muffins are sold at cost to primary and high school children.

Through our Feed A Child A Muffin A Day campaign, Imbali aims to provide a fortified muffin each day to every under-privileged and under-nourished child in Kylemore.

You can feed a child by donating just R50 (€5) per month via a debit order.

100% of your donation is used to feed an under-nourished child!

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Addressing ‘Hidden Hunger’

Adequate nutrition is a basic human right and a prerequisite for the attainment of an individual’s full physical and intellectual potential. Under-nutrition does not only affect growth and development of children, but may also contribute to ill health and functional impairment in every stage of the life cycle. Improving the nutritional status of the undernourished through research is thus ethical, imperative and a sound economic investment.