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Craft and Art Centre

Moses and Martin in the Craft Centre

Moses and Martin in the Craft Centre

Imbali established this centre in 2001 to provide skills training for jobless youths and adults. A beading and craft skills-training room was installed in 2008 for primary and high school children in an attempt to keep them off the streets in the afternoons and out of the hands of drug lords who are preying on this section of the community.

Approximately 50 adults, 17 youths and 37 children have already received skills training in craft making, beading, patchwork and quilt-making and are exposed to ongoing sewing, design and pattern making courses. Beautiful tableware, table cloths and serviettes, decoupage, safety pin crafts, woven items, children’s wear, and exquisite Christmas decorations are produced by this group, and sold at local craft markets.

A significant number of those trained have now been able to obtain full-time employment using these skills outside their village.

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