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Our Vision and Values

Our Motto


Aims to foster self development for children and adults from the disadvantaged and unemployed community of Kylemore.

At Imbali, children come first!

At Imbali, children come first!

Our Vision:

A vibrant self-supporting Kylemore community, where human dignity, self-respect, personal contribution, and community esteem are the norm… and growing to encompass the surrounding communities.

Our Mission:

Through self-help and taking responsibility for one another, we aim to improve the quality of childhood and enable independent income earning opportunities for young people and adults.

Our Values and Operating Principles:

  • children first
  • community-driven decisions
  • community co-responsibility
  • all donations fund projects
  • volunteers only – no salaries
  • crafters earn directly on sale of product
  • financial transparency
  • regular report-out to donors
  • ongoing evaluation and monitoring
  • full annual audit
  • project manage new buildings, then hand over to responsible local authorities
  • partnerships and collaboration
  • Christian spiritual practice