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Statutory Status

Imbali is registered at SARS (South African Revenue Service) and has Tax Exemption status (Registration No: 930020796) as well as Section 18A (ie. all donations received by Imbali are considered tax free in the hands of the Donor).

The entity has BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Status and is a registered NPO (Non-Profit Organisation), Registration No: 050-933-NPO.

The entity is also governed by our Constitution and the day to day activities are managed by the Management Committee consisting of all 5 Directors and a number of its Members.

Annual General Meetings are held each year where the audited Annual Financial Statements are discussed. No salaries are paid to Directors therefore all donations received for a specific project are allocated solely to that project.

Our accountants

Goodbook Accounting Services
Beverley le Sueur (Director)