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Craft Catalogue

Kylemore community crafters make a beautiful range of homeware. Our design inspiration is found in the country lifestyle of the area and the beautiful images, textures and colours that is Africa.

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Meet our Crafters

Mary Williams

Mary Williams

Mary Williams

I was born in Kylemore… this is my home, and I hope to die here one day too. We are a wonderful community, and the troubles that afflict our young people like drugs are things that come from outside: this is not our way, and we all have to help our young people get through these tough times. I myself left school at the time of the 1976 riots, when many of us were engaged in youth resistance. Only in the last few years, when I was already 40 years old, and a mother of four children, did I complete my matric certificate, which was a very exciting moment for me.

Years ago aunty Eva Williams asked me to join the sewing group that met in their homes… and from there we grew into Imbali. So I am one of the very first crafters. We have learnt many new skills, can support ourselves into retirement age, and now we help to teach and supervise others in our open-plan workroom.

I hope that Imbali can hold its head up over the years… that we become a well-known ‘name’ and that people tell one another about our beautiful work. And one day, when I am properly retired, I will continue to give back to my community by caring for the needy and vulnerable children around me.