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Craft Catalogue

Kylemore community crafters make a beautiful range of homeware. Our design inspiration is found in the country lifestyle of the area and the beautiful images, textures and colours that is Africa.

Please contact us to place an order or to request further information.

Meet our Crafters

Christine Japhta

Christine Japhta

Christine Japhta

I am a widow and love working and learning with my friends at the Centre. We are very happy here in one another’s company, and we co-operate amicably and helpfully. So I think that we are still going to go far as a group with all our knowledge and skills.

My family comes from here, and I have three children… one married, one studying at college, and my boy of 18 working to help support me.

Sewing has always been a pleasure for me, so this I enjoy. I am just content with my life as it is, only looking ahead, and grateful for every day.