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After Care Centre

The Imbali After Care Centre opened its doors in January 2014 with 25 children between the ages of 5 and 6 from the community of Kylemore. The dream and vision being to improve the quality of the lives of school children living in the Kylemore area by providing them with a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment in the afternoons after school.

Imbali After Care Centre

Imbali After Care Centre

Here they will have a sense of belonging and feel loved. They will have the opportunity to be educationally stimulated through literacy and numeracy programs. They will be able to do sport, art and other extra mural activities that they would not otherwise be exposed to. They will have the opportunity to develop their natural talents and gifts and become balanced and productive adults that can make a difference in their community.

We see ourselves as partners of the current educational institutions in the village as well as supporting who do not have the time or expertise to further develop their children. We would love the initiative to grow so that more children may be accommodated, as we realize children are vulnerable in the afternoons where no extra-murals are offered at school. We see the children roaming the streets being bored, hungry and often neglected. This can lead them to find solace in identifying with groups who are involved in drugs, and being involved in criminal as well as sexual activities.

Sponsor a child for R250 per month: This will include food, access to all extra mural activities, camps, parental support, outings and reading support programs. A sponsor can choose to know the child and have contact with the child on birthdays, Christmas party etc. or be anonymous.

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Marietjie Steyn
Cellphone: 082 337 6242